Growing up as minorities, we all have heard of the term GLASS ceiling, which is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic from rising beyond a certain level of advancement. GLVSS represents flipping that whole connotation upside down. The V represents the Vision that we project for ourselves - that there are no boundaries or walls except for the ones that we put up in our minds.

GLVSS proudly embodies the culture of streetwear and fashion. Every frame is meticulously designed to be a statement about aesthetic and precise craftsmanship.

Everything we do is for the minority, the creator, and the visionary.

We are a lifestyle brand that is a reflection of true life with its ups and downs, wins and losses. We hope to be a voice and inspiration to those who wish to grow with us. We are a transparent brand that wants to share our journey, and learn yours in the process.

To the rebels and the free-thinkers. To the movers, the shakers, the difference-makers.

Be you.

-GLVSS BRVND #Nothingtohide